At Make Eindhoven you can work with 3 different techniques for warm-glass working: slumping, casting and fusing. Besides that, we offer several facilities for cold-glass working like cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing, drilling and sandblasting. Our workshop features 3 ovens, a glass grinding space and a space to work with flat glass.

Our workshops are designed to work independently if possible. There is no need to master techniques beforehand. Experienced advisors give instructions on techniques, safety and tools. They share their knowledge with you and give you support where needed. Together with you, we face the experiment to bring your idea to life.

You pay per part of the day for use of the workshop. This includes use of space, a number of tools and guidance from our advisors. You pay separately for certain tools, our ovens and consumables.

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Glass casting

Download the price lists for our facilities and techniques.

Facilities & technical details

Ovens and sizes

Oven fusing/slumping/casting inner size (hxwxd, cm) 48 x 258 x 128
Oven fusing/slumping inner size (hxwxd, cm) 30 x 65 x 65
Oven casting inner size (hxwxd, cm) 50 x 50 x 50

Facilities cold-glass working

Cutting glass cutters for cutting of flat glass, including a circle cutter
Sanding belt sander for wet sanding
Grinding grinding machine for wet grinding up to 30 mm
Polishing pneumatic angle grinder and polisher for wet grinding and polishing
Drilling drill bit attachment for wet drilling up to 12 mm
Sand blasting for objects up to 50 x 50 x 70 cm


Bullseye glas (colors compatible)
Banas glas (colors not compatible, unless from the same batch)