We have an extensive collection of professional knowledge and skills; the basis from which we can realize our facilitation and support. The 3 aspects that we distinguish here are: knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing and knowledge retention.

Knowledge acquisition
In addition to the fact that our advisors already have thorough technical and material knowledge, external knowledge is regularly hired. And of course, the maker himself also brings the necessary knowledge. In this way we expand our basic knowledge, and we can serve makers better.

Knowledge sharing
The knowledge of our advisors is shared 1-on-1 with the various users: makers, educational institutions, and others. In addition, we share knowledge with fellow institutions, companies, external experts, etc.

Knowledge retention
Assurance of knowledge has a twofold purpose: knowledge remains present in the workplace and can be shared with users and other stakeholders and interested parties. This knowledge base is an important part of that.

Our analogue and digital knowledge base is an element in growth, which we will keep expanding over time with the aim of profiling Make Eindhoven as an open-source knowledge center.

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