In fusing we melt multiple layers of glass. This can be flat glass but also chunks of glass or grinded glass. There are 2 ways to melt all the layers together: tack fuse or full fuse. With tack fuse the layers stay visible after melting. With full fuse the layers transform in to one layer.

Results of fusing glass

Glass types
We prefer to use Bullseye glass; this is the only brand that has different colors that are compatible. For casting we sometimes use Banas glass as well. This glass is not compatible and the glass you use should therefore come from the same batch. It is possible to use your own glass, but we cannot guarantee the result.

Prior to your project, discuss the timeline with one of our advisors. We do not have glass in stock. We place orders for glass per project. Take into account a delivery time that can increase depending on how common the glass is (less common = longer delivery time).

Time indications

Fusing (tack and full fuse) incl. loading and unloading oven 2 days on average

We would love to meet you, to see what we can do for you and your project. If we can help you, we will discuss your process further. With fusing we start from a design which you can make in advance. You can also cut the glass to size and shape beforehand.

Make us meet

To see the up-to-date prices for the use of our workshop, please download the price lists. Prices for materials (glass) can be requested at the workshop. An indication of the price of glass: Bullseye Crystal Clear cullet’s costs about € 15 per kg. The specific gravity of glass is 2.5 kg / liter.