Making is thinking; being able to anticipate – sometimes unexpected – outcomes of materials and techniques opens up possibilities that cannot always be thought of in advance. We believe this method makes a difference and helps to unfold talent.

What started as two separate workshops, Stichting Beeldenstorm and Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, became one organization in 2017. Now, after 3 years of working together as Beeldenstorm/Daglicht, it’s time to speak as one: Make Eindhoven.

Our merger came about for both organizational and substantive reasons. It was in line with the ambition and necessity of both workshops to be able to dedicate themselves more broadly to creative and artistic makers, education and makers in companies.

Glass and metal workshop
Graphic workshop

We are here for makers who want to push their boundaries with materials and techniques. Make Eindhoven is a place to experiment, innovate, create and stimulate; to share knowledge. Where others see mistakes, we see possibilities. By following an unknown road, you learn new skills and anticipate surprising results.

We always make an appointment before you can work with us. Then we discuss your idea and see if it matches the possibilities that Make Eindhoven has to offer. If it is a match, we then discuss your process and draw up a work plan. If it does not match, we try to find a solution outside of our workshops; we always try to help you in the best way we can.

We are located at the NRE area; a creative neighborhood in the heart of Eindhoven. Everything we stand for falls in place at this spot: the dynamics between the past, the here and now and the future, between heritage, craft, technique and innovation.

Plan a meeting here, to see what we can do for you.



Lex van Lith Director
Liesbeth Mertens Administrator
Pierre Cops Advisor
Lorena Miguel Advisor
Lilia Scheerder Advisor
Rino Sijen Advisor
Ingrid Simons Advisor
Alice Schiavone Advisor


Arie van Rangelrooij Chairman
Ria Hermanussen Secretary
Sjaak de Blauwe Treasurer
Hanneke van den Nieuwenhof Board member
Peter Hoesbergen Board member


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