The submission deadline for “Open Call 2021” has now closed. As a result of the call, we received 110 applications.

For the selection, we have put together an external committee, consisting of: Stef van Bellingen (curator and art historian), Christiane Berndes (curator of the Abbemuseum), Koen Dijkman (curator De Fabriek, Eindhoven) and Frans Franssen (visual artist).

The following artists have been selected:
Gam Bodenhausen
Josua Wechsler
Liza Houben
Margriet Craens

One condition is that the artists explore the possibilities of all workshops (graphic, glass and metal). The applicant determines the division of the working period; it can be continuous or interrupted.

We hope to continue this program in the coming years. Information about new open calls will be published via our newsletter, advertisements and social media.

Made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.

Maker in action in our metal workshop