Toyobo is a non-toxic photopolymer technique that exposes photographic images on a metal plate with a photosensitive layer. Toyobo plates have a ready-made photosensitive layer and can be developed in 2 ways: As intaglio and as relief print.

Makers working with Toyobo

As an intaglio technique Toyobo is very versatile because you can use many different shades of gray. Consider printing a detailed photo. When choosing this approach the plate is exposed three times: The “flash”, the raster exposure and the exposure of the image. The flash activates the photosensitive layer, the raster exposure enables grayscale and then the image is converted to the plate by means of a transparent film. If desired, you can then also draw in the plate (drypoint). The plate is printed as an etching.

A Toyobo plate can also be used for relief printing. Black and white images and texts are photographically transferred to the plate by means of 2 exposures: The flash and the exposure of the image. Grayscale is impossible with this type of exposure and the image is printed in negative on the film. The result can be printed as embossing or as a stamp. (for this you preferably use a plate with a flexible back).

Materials such as Toyobo plates (A4 and A3), print sheets (A4 and A2), various etching inks (limited colors), tarlatan and different paper types are available in our workshop.

Prior to your project, discuss the timeline with one of our advisors.

Time indications

Printing film, exposing and developing plate on average 1 half day
Printing etching press on average 1 half day, depending on print run and experience

We would love to meet you, to see what we can do for you and your project. If we can help you, we will discuss your process further. Prepare your film in consultation and ask for printing instructions. You can also print your film with us for a fee, bring your file on memory stick.

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