The lost wax method (á çire perdue) is a technique for converting objects into castings of, for example, bronze or aluminum. A one-time mold is formed around a wax model. By placing the mold in the oven, the wax melts and runs out of the mold. The wax model is ‘lost’ and a hollow space has been created. Bronze can be poured into this. After cooling, the mold is removed by breaking it. Pouring and venting channels are cut off, leaving only the casting.

Working with Çire perdue

Çire perdue is a technique whereby the skin of the object under the influence of the firing process in the oven acquires a special color and thus character. This technique is mostly suitable for non- releasing, complicated objects and casting rapid prototyping.

We preferably cast with bronze and aluminum. For molds we work with a mixture of plaster and chamotte. The recipe for this mixture is available in our workshop.

Prior to your project, discuss the timeline with one of our advisors.

Time indications

Preparing wax model (creating channels) 1 day on average
Producing mold 1 day on average
Heating mold 3 days on average
Casting and cooling 1 day on average
Post-processing depending on preferences

We would love to meet you, to see what we can do for you and your project. If we can help you, we will discuss your process further. For çire perdue we start from a model made of wax or another material which burns/melts ‘clean’. Do you have a model in a different material? Then you can still cast a model of wax with us using a mold of plaster or silicone rubber. You use wax from our workshop for this.

Make us meet

To see the up-to-date prices for the use of our workshop, oven and electricity please download the price lists. Prices for materials (bronze, aluminum, plaster, chamotte and wax) can be requested at the workshop.