Our residency is a long-term working period, where residents can use extra facilities for a number of months and have 24/7 access to the workshops.


We have the possibility for two residencies per year, where accommodation is also provided. Selection is based on your work plan. This residency program offers challenging opportunities for anyone who wants to take new steps in his/her/their work. Residencies thus give new impulses to our three workshops and bring in new knowledge and experiences.

Mondriaan Residency grant
The Mondriaan Fund currently supports two working periods at Make Eindhoven for artists, as part of their ‘residency’ grant. This is not a structural grant and gets evaluated and hopefully renewed annually. Should the Mondriaan residency scheme not be continued? Application and selection will still take place every year, however on an annual basis. Artists will then have to bring their own financing for this.

More information
Information on the developments regarding residencies, conditions and application will be shared via our newsletter and social media.

Resident in action