Glass is the perfect material for reuse. You can endlessly remelt glass and make something completely new out of it. But also by grinding or heating glass you can change its form and function.

MAKE Eindhoven and the Nationaal Glasmuseum (Dutch Glass Museum) want to emphasize the importance of reusing glass. In the Netherlands lots of glass is already collected in glass containers for reuse, but we would like to investigate what else is possible in the field of recycling. And we need your help to do so. Can you come up with a product that will help us save resources and fossil energy in an even smarter or more beautiful way?

Open call
This is an open call for anyone who has an innovative, fun and/or original idea for a product or application that arises from recycling packaging glass. (What is packaging glass? All possible types of glass bottles but also all glass jars from jam to preserving.)

The maker gets the opportunity to further develop the idea with the experts of MAKE Eindhoven & the Nationaal Glasmuseum. For the upcoming DDW in October 2022 we will create an exhibition with new work made of reused packaging glass. The best designs will also be included in the collection of the Nationaal Glasmuseum.

We focus on students and recent graduates, but every submission has a chance to be included in the exhibition. All entries will be judged by a specially composed jury:

Geertje Jacobs, Director Nationaal Glasmuseum
Lex van Lith, Director Make Eindhoven
Arnout Visser, Designer
Rogier Martens, Designer
Studio RENS, Designers
Teun Zwets, Designer

Sign up
You can download the registration form below. Send your application BEFORE THE DEADLINE ON 30 SEPTEMBER 2022 to: stating: ‘Re-Use-Me’. Selected participants will be notified around October 5, 2022. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Photo by Rudi Klumpkens