Our collaboration with the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum focuses on sharing knowledge about lithography; a planographic printing technique from the 18th century. Almost all great 20th century artists have worked with this technique. In Eindhoven and surroundings, ASML is known for the high- tech development of lithography in the chip industry.

Through this collaboration, we investigate the medium of lithography with innovation as our starting point. In this digital age, lithography is still the technique with the highest resolution. After all: no grids are used for this technique; what is on the stone or slab is transferred on to paper, 1 on 1. This unique quality is the starting point for an unconventional trajectory, for which we invite makers to experiment with lithography in the workshops of Make Eindhoven and the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, guided by a master printer.

In addition to sharing knowledge about this technique, we encourage the updating of lithography in contemporary art and design and create space for unorthodox use. Besides work periods, we organize a meeting with experts to share experience and knowledge and an exhibition with the results of the work periods.

The artists are selected by the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum and Make Eindhoven. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

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