The submission deadline for “Litho XXL 2021” has now closed. The following artists have been selected: Lotte van Lieshout, Fiona Lutjenhuis and Dieke Venema.

Make Eindhoven and the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (Valkenswaard) are joining forces for a special collaboration. 3 selected artists get to work with lithography in an innovative way and under the supervision of a master printer. Lithography is a printing technique from the 18th century with which almost all the great artists of the 20th century have worked.

Starting point is an innovative process in which the artists experiment with lithography both in the studio of the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum and in the graphic workshop of Make Eindhoven, guided by master printer Gertjan Forrer.

This way we want to stimulate, update and, above all, keep (technical) knowledge of lithography alive. In addition, we give the selected artists space to work with innovative, more unorthodox applications within contemporary visual art. For now, the trajectory will take place from September 2021 to mid-October 2021, spread out over several days.

We hope to continue Litho XXL in the coming years. Information about new openings regarding this project will be published via our newsletter, advertisements and social media.


Lithography printing